Roasted corn - Not Popcorn

Roasted corn - Not Popcorn

It's not Popcorn ! It's Roasted corn !


पावसाच्या धारा सुरू झाल्या, की मनाला काही गरम आणि चटपट खायची इच्छा होते. अश्या या मन मोहनाऱ्या चिंब पावसात मी एका झाडा खाली असलेल्या छोट्याश्या टपरित प्रेम विकताना बघितल आहे.


Yess, you are right I am talking about 'Roasted Corn' 


Just imagine on a rainy day, you are stuck outside under shop's shed. The weather gets mild cool and, in such weather, you find Roasted Corn (Bhuna Bhutta) ... It’s like getting gold in Coal mine. It will cover you from cold and give taste & warmth from inside. Now-a-days, in cities corn is served as the boiled one corn.... which is not bad in taste but it will never match the taste of Roasted Corn. Today's generation (2k kids) loves to eat popcorn in theatres but those who knows the taste of roasted one, they are badly missing its taste. Cities with serving of roasted corn are boon to their residentials.


The best taste of roasted corn comes when someone simply roasts it properly and squeezes a lemon on it & sprinkle a pinch of chili powder and salt on, trust me it will give different level of taste. One will forget to eat popcorn but he will never forget taste of it.


Life is not to live for ourselves,

but the story of kindness & sacrifice,

as corn burns a lot,

but spreads happiness and sweetness to mankind.


While surfing through Twitter, I found these lines by Ms. Prasad describing the truth of every roasted corn's life. 'Roasted Corn' is the perfect example of what we known as 'Relative Happiness’, be kind to mankind. 


Healthy Side of the Corn:

Corn contain high rates of dietary fiber which are good to maintain lifestyle. Even though corn helps to manage our body sugar level. One fully rape corn can contain following factors:

  • 123 calories
  • 1.9gr of Fat
  • 4.5gr of Protein
  • 25.6gr of Carbohydrates
  • 9gr of Sugar

Do share your moments and stories with Roasted corn in comment section.

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  1. Life is not to live for ourselves, but the story of, kindness and sacrifice, as corns even burnt a lot, but spread happiness and sweetness for the mankind.

  2. दाने दाने मीठा सा स्वाद भरने में वक़्त लगता है,
    दाने दाने को स्वाद लेकर खाने का मन करता है ।।

  3. Barsaat ke thand me Bhutta khane ka kuch alag hi maza hai...☺️☺️☺️

  4. Bhuttta Uske upper namak masala😋

  5. Roasted Corn is Best brother😋