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Healthy Spices in the Monsoon

 Hey everyone Hope all of you are enjoying  the thunder monsoon. Some people might traveling else having monsoon refreshing trek or some may gone for hiking . Thus its a peaceful,refreshing,and pleasant environment full of good vibes.
In such a cold monsoon all of us fall in love with beautiful showery rain having a crunchy pakodas and Indian delicious triangle samosa
Sometimes monsoon may be hazarderous for any bacterial or viral infection you may suffer from certain stages of dengue , malaria due to contamination of water.Due to improper hygiene you may suffer from food poisoning, diarrhea, infections, cold, and flu to many other health conditios.

Since last three years we had suffered from  COVID-19 pandemic which is prime cause to get weakened with immune system. Thus Monsoon activity also strike to more casualties to weaken our body immunity.

Though many people were tensed about their health issues.but we have some points which may cure and stabilize your health.

Some facts and nutritional herbs which are use for regaining the natural immunity.
 Most common questions I usually found among people ..

1) A special Home remedies to treat body immune .
As we all know covid - 19 pandemic had played hazarderous effect on our healthy immunity. Most of people mentally disturbed with this viral infection though to treat such infection  we commences with some wonderful spices or ayurvedic herbs. As India is rich in spices and natural herbs we mostly cure health from home remedies.

  It contains curcumin bio active compound of various studies ,it is now well established that turmaric improve immunity and protect the body also balance vata and pitta dosha)

  In monsoon the vata dosha is vitiated and It distrubed the digestive system. During monsoon due to improper hygiene high chances of food poisoning may seen. Thus Ginger is absolute healthy spice which keeps digestion proper and also it naturally heals the sore throat and flu.

It helps in enhancing our digestion and keeps proper flactulance ,it also used in babies bloated tummies. It was used in Spanish flu which is good antibiotics against H1N1 .

 It contains polyphenols which helps in repairing of a body tissues & strengthen it to fight against infection.and also contains cinnamaldehyde which helps in Respiratory tract infection.

3. Ajwain:
It is also known as digestion stimulator. The essential oils, bioactive compounds, and minerals present in ajwain help alleviate nausea and stomach-ache.

2Healthy tips for monsoon

Masala chai:

 we all talk about the most popular masala chai, it is an instant energy booster, gut-friendly, heart-healthy and more.  this chai has the nutritional benefits of the 'masala' (spices).
 We bring you a 'masala chai' recepi that boost your immunity:
 This immunity boosting 'masala chai' can be prepared with very common kitchen ingredients.


Step 1-Grind ginger,laung(clove),black pipper,dalchini(Cinnamon)Kali mirch, turmaric, tulsi and pudina, together and store in an airtight jar. You can keep it in store for anytimeuse.For some sweet taste use honey.

Step 2-Boil the tea with one teaspoon of the mix, two to three leaves of tulsi and pudina each.

Step 3-Strain it, add honey (as per taste) and

What are you waiting for?  Take a sip and enjoy ur healthy day 

3)What precautions we can take over the viral infection.?
In monsoon people tends to use a milk tea for pleasure and chrunchy pakodas and samosa but in fact these are made by reusing oil which leads to severe diseases. Also humidity tends to slow down your metabolism, hence affecting your nutrition and immunity.So avoid eating such unhealthy food if you wanna eat try it with fresh oil at your home. Also πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

#Avoid cold Brevarages containing carbonate resulting in lower enzyme activity and a weak digestive system. So, whenever you feel like quenching your need for a cold drink, reach for a glass of lemon water your daily dose of vitamin C.

Pani puri and chaat or any street food might comfort your taste buds, but these dishes are certainly not the right choice during monsoons considering hygine and pandemic surrounding us.

# It's better to avoid eating sea fish and have fresh-water fish and other forms of meat like chicken and mutton.
I hope you would get huge amount of health tips for monsoon.Do follow for your good health . For more doubt just let us know in comment section  we will definitely reach upto you.

Till then visit our heathy monsoon blog

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