Greenlandic Gastronomy - Food Facts and surviving history

Greenlandic Gastronomy - Food Facts and surviving history 

The island which known as another name “Kalaallisut-Kalaallit Nunaat” is located at North Atlantic Ocean. With the Arctic in weather this place temp varies from -7°C to -37°C during winter. At surrounding whole area cover with the “ice sheet” having thickness of min. 5000Feet to max.10000Feet. With this climate meat is the only bets option they have to eat.


On an average 96% of the Greenland public is eating non-veg here and rest 4% only take veg(vegan) food. Percentile of vegan is less due to availability of veg food.


You will get here (Survival tips for other country public staying There)


  • In grocery section we have options like Rice, Pasta, Sweet, Chips, Nuts, Frozen items, canned product, Oats, Jam, Noodles, etc.
  • If we are looking for Fruits and vegetable section Potatoes, Tomato, Avocados, lettuce, Apple & strawberries are mostly seen here.
  • Dairy products contain Cheese, Yoghurt, Jam, Bread, etc.
  • Tea, Coffee & juices in beverage and Pizza, Burger & Noodles are the option are there in restaurants.


Greenland Top food list


Suaasat” is the national dish of the present Greenland. The dish as different by its name, is unique and simple in cooking. Suaasat is nothing but the nonveg soup which made by Seal Meat. This soup is the mostly used in Greenland with their health benefits for body. Using Meat makes this soup hot in nature. And serving after just cooked is beneficial to stay energies and hot in such cold island.


There 13 ingredients used in this soup but the cooking way is very simple.


  • Seal meat
  • Water
  • Pearl barley
  • Onions
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Cherries
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Sea salt and black pepper


Let’s Cook it


  • While start cooking you just need to boil water as per your quantity. Once the water start boiling, add all ingredient one-by-one.
  • Cover the whole pan and let cook them for at least 1 hour.
  • Once the gravy started getting thick lower the flame.
  • You have to decide your soup thickness as per your choice.
  • Once done enjoy the hot soup at such cold place.


Second mostly used dish is “Mattak”. This dish is having half portion of veg ingredient, and remained half is meat. Lampfish is sea fish and wild berries which are tangy & sweet in taste are being used. There is no need to cook mattak, just deep freeze it. Cut into the small piece and just go for it with Side berries or the sous for better test.


Conclusion: - Leaving vegan in like these places are very difficult, as there is not enough land to cultivate. And the meat is only available option at huge amount.

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