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Breakfast : Is it so important ?

Why Breakfast at Morning?

Hey friends, Greetings of the day !! 
Hope so you had your breakfast in the morning. 
I'm asking this because this is gonna be our today's topic. Why breakfast is essentially in the morning ? Are you curious to know or are you among those 60% physio-conscious intelligent people who are very well aware about it !

What is breakfast & Why it was invented?

The food which starts our beautiful morning and make us full of energy for whole day. As the name suggests, Breakfast is the first meal which breaks the overnight fast. The breakfast bowl consists of nutrients, vitamins, good glucose & good fat.

According to a study, in the whole world only 62% of people have their breakfast in the morning while remaining 38% skips the same. Mainly those who skips breakfast generally gives the reasons of not being hungry, having busy schedule or of being lately awaken.

Benefits of Breakfast:

1. Morning breakfast helps you to boost your immunity power because it is full of nutrients, vitamins & fibre.

2. Scientifically, it helps you to be fit in size with help of weight loss. Taking breakfast won't let you feel hungry till evening thus you can skip eating fast-food.

3. At workplaces, starting your work after having morning breakfast boosts your work output. Same is applicable for students, students having breakfast at morning are found to have more concentration in class.

What will happen if we skips breakfast?

1. AHA(American Health Association) says that 80% of population, among those skips breakfast at morning are suffering from the Heart issues (Cardiovascular). It increases their heart rates.

2. People those who skips there breakfast once in week are most probably found to have 6% chance of having Type 2 Diabetes. Shockingly, this probability rate increases to 60% if breakfast is being skipped  for 3-4 times in a week.

3. It  affects on you concentration power.

Skipping breakfast is skipping nutrient

What to have in breakfast & what not ?

One of the famous survey of Harvard University says that eating healthy plays a major role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. However, previous study mainly focus on what type of meals they are taking but now it's all about how they organize there meals for day.

So taking breakfast doesn't means to have you pancakes, donuts, or burgers, etc.

The morning breakfast should contain whole grains, milk, fruits, cornflakes+milk, oats, overnight soaked moong dal, pulses & mainly use of ghee should be must. Ghee keeps your intestine clean & healthy.

If in the morning, you really don't feels like much hungry then there are thousands of Breakfast Ideas. You can have breakfast drinks like fruit juice or pulps. Having overnight soaked whole grains in morning will help for weight gain and boost your immune.

By the way, my personal favourite breakfast choice is cornflakes & milk with fruits. What is your choice, let us know in comment section till then be healthy &  stayed connect with Oxymoronly.

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