Paneer - Delicious Cottage Cheese Recipes

Paneer - Delicious Cottage Cheese Recipes


Paneer - King of  Veg Food

Be like Paneer to those who squeezes lemon into your heart


Well, something remains just in the quotes. Now-a-days, being kind to someone who gives pain to ourselves, is not expected. Obliviously, it is due to human nature. But yes, paneer is the perfect ideal example of it. Many of us, use to there's nothing special after Paneer in veg. So, here's the king of veg food. Being a vegetarian guy, it's my opinion that there are many other special vegetarian dishes apart from Paneer. It is the great source of protein; it contains 23 gm of protein per kg.

Paneer is the special occasional food of every vegetarian middle-class family. For them, it is their Sunday special.


जिंदगी में कुछ गलत हो जाये तो घबराना और डरना मत,
क्योंकि, दूध फटने पर वही लोग घबराते हैं

जिन्हें पनीर बनाना नही आता



வாழ்க்கையில் ஏதேனும் தவறு நடந்தால்

பயப்பட வேண்டாம், பயப்பட வேண்டாம்,


பால் வெடிக்கும்போது அதே மக்கள் பீதியடைவார்கள்

சீஸ் தயாரிக்கத் தெரியாதவர்கள்



If you fail in life or something bad happens in your life then don't take it in bad way, make your way through it, work from that scrap and achieve what you want. I know it sounds too philosophical but it’s necessary to learn from such life lessons.


Talking about Paneer, it is the most versatile food, one can make many dishes using combination of other vegetables/ingredients with Paneer. If we simply look over main course menu of any hotel you will find list of its types.


1. Paneer Tikka

2. Paneer Tikka masala

3. Butter paneer

4. Shahi paneer

5. Paneer masala

6. Paneer bhurji

7. Kaju paneer

8. paneer kofta

9. Paneer Mughlai and many more....

Paneer - King of  Veg Food


It is the favourite food of today's chefs, they love to innovate new dishes by combining Paneer with various thing like Maggi, dosa, chowmein, momos, etc...


How many of you know the meaning of 'Kachha Paneer' from College Romance web series. Do let me know in comment section 😅😅

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