South Indian breakfast - The Instant Rava Appe

Appam - The Instant Rava Appe

Appam as we called it as Appe in Northern region of India. It belongs to South India & it is very famous in Kerala as well as Sri Lanka. Its fabulous taste and small unique shape and size made it popular in Northern region too. For today's generation, its Appam - The Hot Rice Ball. To describe it to someone from outside India, it is the simple rice pancake.

Its time for some facts about Appam The Instant Rava Appe :-
1. In South India, Appam are called as "Paniyaram". Some other popular alternative names are Hoppers, Kallappam, Vellappam and palappam.

2. In earlier time, wine was used to ferment the batter of Appam.

3. Rava Appe can be made instantly without fermentation process.

We can prepare this dish in two ways which is regular old fermentation method and other instant Rava Appe. Today's, fast running world wants everything instant so we will discuss about Appam - The Instant Rava Appe.

Step 1 :- Initially, mix semolina (rava) and curd in a bowl. Make batter of fine consistency, add water if needed.
Along with it, add fine chopped vegetables (especially carrot & capsicum). Add some salt as per taste.
Step 2 :- Add ½ spoon of oil in Appam pan.  
Step 3 :- Pour the prepared batter in the pan.
Step 4 :- Cook it well from both sides till it gets slight brownish colour.

This is about preparation but for side dish, we can use so many chatani's like peanut chatani, coconut chatani, tomato chatani, etc.....
This dish played very important role in my hostel life. Many of you might know the reality of hostel food. Those days, me and my friend used to eat Appam - The Instant Rava Appe from shop name called ' Anna ki dukan' at Sadar, Nagpur. You will get damn super appe and they have there secret chatani, try it once whenever you get a chance to visit Nagpur.

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