Samosa : Unraveling the Secrets of India's Iconic Snack

Samosa : Unraveling the Secrets of India's Iconic Snack




Everyone says that the healthy things aren’t tasty, of course many a times, the dish which is not good for health seems to be the tastiest one. But this time I'm talking about that Indian loveable snack which is food for travellers, breakfast & sometimes dinner for bachelors. Yes..., its Samosa. It is the thing which you would get everywhere from North to South, East to west, you can get this in big restaurants as well as in small street stalls. You can eat it as breakfast or the snacks.


Many people including me, mostly prefers samosa with cup of tea & if you want to feel heaven in earth just catch up that chance when it's raining outside from last couples of days and eat hot samosa with tea. As everyone knows that in India samosa is available everywhere but the difference lies in the style of surviving it.


In North India, it is served with chhole gravy while in the central India, it is served with vatana gravy and Buttermilk and in the south India it is simply served as whole samosa with sauce. In middle east, it will come with curd and at the last in marwadi area which is west it will come with kadhi.


So, accordingly its popular with different names, likewise


1. Kadhi samosa

2. Dahi samosa

3. Aloo samosa

4. Tarri samosa


Our modern generation likes to make something odd from traditional, though it is liked by many people but their haters are same as of their lovers.


1. Chocolate Samosa

2. Cheese Samosa

3. Chinese Samosa

4. Nonveg Samosa


If you like closely, its nothing but the dry potato stuffing in maida chapati which is then deep fried in oil. But the taste comes by the love they put in the preparation of that.


Nagpur & Mumbai are famous for having the best quality of samosa available.


1. Haldiram

2. Gangaur

3. Savaji

4. Pakodewala


These are some of the famous retail stores in Nagpur but it's not like the taste lies here only, you can get the real taste in street stall also. 

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