Papaya Halwa - Mom's Special

Papaya Halwa - Mom's Special


Mom's Special - Papaya Halwa


In this situation of Pandemic, every one of us are aware and cautious about their immunity. Papaya is one of the fruits which gives strength in our illness. This fruit is easily available throughout the whole world & India is the strongest competitor in this field. India is harvesting 5 million of papayas every year. The dish, papaya halwa sounds different nahhh.... Many of you might be listening this word for the first time. It is because papayas are simply eaten as slices, fruit salad or in fruit custard. But, one can make papaya halwa too. 


It was a time of my life's 16th rainy season. Since last 3 days, it was continuously raining outside and we were stuck inside our home. Though it was cool and awesome weather for me. Suddenly, my mom came with a small bowl with something freshly cooked thing in it, that hot steam over bowl was visible from far away. She gave me that bowl and said eat & tell what is this? I thought that's too easy for me because I love food too much and I'm the most foodie guy in my family. But I completely failed to recognize what it was?


So, I went to my mom and ask about it. She told me that was "Halwa made from raw papaya". After that she told me the recipe.




1. Raw Papaya

2. Ghee

3. Sugar

4. Dry fruits


  •           Initially, wash the raw papaya properly because it contains the milk part. After that peel it and crush it by crusher.
  •          Once done, take desi ghee in pan and add crushed papaya in it, cook it well.
  •          Once it is 80% cooked, add sugar as per your taste.
  •          For final touch, garnish it with dry fruits.


Bonus Tip: -


 Last but not mandatory step, this will enhance the level of its taste. For that, you will need ignited coal. Keep it in steel bowl and put that bowl in the centre of halwa pan. Add few drops of ghee and close it for 10 min.


Mom's Special - Papaya Halwa


Papaya halwa tastes similar to the Gajar (Carrot) halwa, the only difference is colour. Both of them have different health benefits.  Have it once when it's raining outside, it will give you feel as well as taste. In the era of cakes and pies, we have forgotten our traditional desserts.

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