Dhokla - Love of Every Mota Bhai (Gujarati)

Dhokla - Love of Every Mota Bhai (Gujarati)


Dhokla - Love of Every Mota Bhai (Gujarati)

Life me Dhaka Nhi Dhokla Khao


It is one of the most popular sarcastic joke every meme lover uses. If you use to eat it since your childhood then definitely you might be a Gujarati, who loves a slight sweetness in their every meal.

Dhoklas are very popular among Gujaratis and in some of the regions of Maharashtra. It can be your breakfast, main course meal, snacks or even side dish. Basically, dhokla is a fermented spongy type bread made up of rice and urad dal, even chickpeas are also added in addition to this.


Did you know that, earlier it was Jains who firstly introduced this as "Dukkia". Then it was adopted by Gujaratis as "Dhokra'.


Preparation: -


Step 1 - Batter of soaked rice, urad dal and chickpeas is fermented overnight 

Step 2 - Then spices are added in it as per taste

Step 3 - Now, batter is steamed for 15 minutes in flat dish

Step 4 - After taking it off from stove, it gets puffed then it is cut into cubical pieces

Step 5 - One can either eat it as it is or fry it with asafetida and green chilies, which enhances its taste and aroma.


Bonus Tip: - If you love sour sweet taste then make a mixture of sugar & lemon juice. Add it on the dhokla while eating, it compliments your dish to certain level.


If you don't like besan, then you can make dhokla using rice flour and semolina too. The white dhokla which is also known as “Khaman” is a perfect tea time snack when you want something good for yourself. Also, they have good protein content, overall, it's a complete nutritional package with good taste.

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