Rava Dosa - Healthy Breakfast

Rava Dosa - Healthy Breakfast

Dosa is nothing but a full stop made on a big nonstick pan.


Rava Dosa is the prominent food of South India though it is famous in North India too. It is prepared in every South Indian house whereas it is weekend special for many North Indians. The craze of Dosa is not just limited to India, its therein foreigners too. One man from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu exports dosa to US by flight. He used to prepare batter in the night & export it to USA. In this way, the foodies in US gets its fresh taste.

The Rava Dosa is slender with golden yellow glow.

Food innovators made us available with various varieties of Dosa like...

1. Plain Dosa

2. Masala Dosa

3. Paper Dosa

4. Paneer Dosa

5. Cheese Dosa

6. Neer Dosa

7. Pizza Dosa,etc...


Sometime it feels like...

Dosa has 4 girlfriends shouting "take me please".

They are Coconut Chutney, red chutney, green chutney and Sambhar.





Unlike the other dosas, it is made quick and easy.


1. Initially, take the rava (semolina) 250 gm and add 2 spoons of curd & mix it properly.

2. Step by step, add water in it, mix it well and make a proper thick batter of dosa.

3. Keep the batter for half an hour.

4. Make small dosa's and serve with Aloo sabji or onion. 

Most of the South Indians and North Indians prefer aloo sabji only but in Kerala they prefer onion fry sabji.


Hope you guys might like my research and my views regarding Rava Dosa. Do let me know if I missed out any fact about it.

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