Puran Poli: Culinary Journey & Cultural bond

Puran Poli: Culinary Journey & Cultural bond


We as Indians are very close with our festivals and celebrations. Our major festivals are Holi, Pola and Diwali. But, do you know what is the most common thing among these? It's the aroma of Desi Ghee spread over the houses used to prepare "Puran Poli".


It is the historical recipe with recognition in the ayurveda. Also, it is referred as the most loved sweet dish in Ayurveda. 


Puran Poli


Puran Poli as per Festivals

1) In Maharashtra, people used to gather at night & fires up bonfire at centre. It is to remember the day of mythological stories where Demon Holika got Trupti (satiety) by Lord Narayana. Meanwhile everyone chants old mythological slogans & one small foodie chant too.


Aali Holi...

Gheun Puran Poli...


And on the very next day, people remain in the joy of most awaited day Holi - Day.

2) During Pola, farmers used to feed Puran Poli to their beloved friends, bulls & ox. Pola is the festival of thanksgivingcelebrated by farmers for their companion, this is the only day when bulls used to rest for whole day.

Basically, Puran Poli is not the dish that would be famous in only specific region. Due to diversified culture & diversified languages of India, Puran Poli has been recognised by different names as per different states/ region.

1. Oppattu in Tamil Nadu

2. Paysobubu in Kerala

3. Bobbattuin in Andhra Pradesh

Puran Poli


Nutritional Facts & Preparation: -

It is made up of Chana Dal and Jaggery as the Chana Dal reduces Cholesterol and Jaggery provides carbohydrates. One serving of Puran Poli contains 195 calories, 4.6g of Protein, 30.8g of Carbohydrates & 3.1g of Fibre. So, always ensure burning of these calories because this sweet dish will make you carve for it.

The authentic way to prepare Puran Poli is quite difficult but its ok to have such tasty dish. Traditionally, it is made of Jaggery but nowadays people used to add sugar instead of Jaggery. I personally like the jaggery one, the real authentic one

In Maharashtra, most loved type of Puran Poli serving is Puran Poli with Sazuk tup (Desi Butter). The are ways of serving it are: -

1. Puran with Curd

2. Puran with Milk

3. Puran with Aampana

But, day-by-day the traditional way to prepare Puran Poli is getting vanished somewhere. It is quite funny but true that in 90s & even today at some regions in Maharashtra, the mandatory question from groom family was

Does She know to cook Puran Poli?

Hope so this traditional sweet dish & it's traditional method of preparation would never get vanished. Well, what's your view on this & have you ever tried Puran Poli? Do let me know in comment section.

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