Aloo Gobi - best Tiffin food

Aloo Gobi - Every Indian Mother's First Choice for Tiffin Food
Ohh !  You all know flower, right. Some of us would think bouquet but its not that because it is favourite vegetable of Indian Mother's for cookery. Cauliflower is the most trendiest vegetable in India for cookery (especially Aloo Gobi)

In Indian cookery it’s used to make everything from curries and pakoras to pickles and paratha stuffings. Gobi Aloo is a quintessential Punjabi dish and ticks all of the boxes.

Farmer's most beautiful romance is in flower πŸ˜… don't get serious , I'm just kidding !!  Actually India is the second largest producer of Gobi (including Cauliflower, Cabbage & Brocolli). This is about 36.97% of worldwide production i.e approx 8.8MT/Year whereas China holds largest share of 37.21%
Though Cauliflower, Cabbage & Brocolli are the varities of Gobi but cauliflower is most satisfying and favorite nutritious food for Indian.

Nutritional Facts

1) Cauliflower is the good source of fiber & B-vitamins which helps for digestion of food. 
2) Also, it provides antioxidants & phytonutrients which protects against cancer. Hence, it is also called as Superfood.
3) Its the best low-carb alternative to grains & legumes.

Why Aloo Gobi is popular as Tiffin Special ?

Apart from these nutritional fact, Aloo Gobi is easily prepared in very less time. The other good thing is it taste well even in dry form. This makes it easy to carry in regular tiffin.
Aloo Gobi always remains the first choice for every bachelors due to its soft & crispy taste.
The other way to prepare it, is in the form of delicious spicy Aloo Gobi Gravy. Both form tastes well but just remember Cauliflowers of winter season are considered of good quality comparing to summer season.

Did You Know ?

In Northern India in Punjab, Aloo Gobi is served as 'Prashada' in Gurudwaras.

During my hostel Life, I used to insist my friend to bring Aloo Gobi prepared by his mother. He used to do so and then all of us roomates used to enjoy it by having gossips.
These were the memories which we had regarding Aloo Gobi, do share your memories with us in comment section. We would love to know it !

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