Zingy Parcel - The Triangle Pizza

Zingy Parcel - The Triangle Pizza


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We are back, this time we are going to share something different than our regular food blogs. This time, it's not a traditional Indian dish. Zingy Parcel recipe is one of the most popular delicious snacks in the food world. It is the signature delicacies from the kitchens of the world-famous chain of Pizza's place -The Domino’s. The veg appetizer from the store have paneer and cheese as the main stuffing and it dissolves in mouth when you take a piece of bite! 


Shaped like a parcel and taste full of zest the ZINGY PARCEL is a snack with soft but crusty bread outside having a filling of mouthwatering panner combined with spicy Harissa mayonnaise....


Zingy Parcel - The Triangle Pizza



The list of ingredients might be a bit long but the recipe is not complicated and the results are worth giving it a try...


Ingredients for Harissa mayonnaise 


Water 2 cups 

Dried red chillies 10-15

Sahi jeera 1/2 tsp 

Garlic 4-5 cloves 

Lemon juice 1tsp

Salt as per taste 

Olive oil 2tbsp 

Coriander(fresh) 1tsp

Mayonnaise - according to requirement


Recipe for Harissa Sauce 


Step 1 - Boil the red chillies for about 10mins. Let them cool for about 5mins, separate the head and put them in a blender jar.


Step 2 - To the blender jar add the above ingredients and blend them together.


Step 3 - Adjust the consistency of the paste and blend accordingly. Add the paste to mayonnaise. And the Harissa dressing is ready.


Ingredients for the Dough 


Instant yeast 1tsp

Sugar 2tsp

Water 1/2 cup

Flour (Maida) 1 1/2 cup

Milk powder 1 1/2tsp 

Salt 1tsp

Oil 2tsp

To prepare the dough follow the steps given below 


Step 1: In a bowl of lukewarm water add sugar, once it has dissolved add yeast and wait for 3-5mins until the yeast activates.


Step 2: Add salt milk powder and oil to the flour, pour the mixture of yeast in the flour and knead well. Knead in push n pull method to make sure that the bread becomes fluffy.


Step 3: Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rest for 15mins (till it doubles up in size)


The main part PANEER STUFFING 


For this add small paneer cubes to a pan add a pinch of turmeric chilli powder and a grated garlic clove with a dash of garam masala and Kasuri Methi...Stir the ingredients well on low flame and add a spoon of harissa mayonnaise.


Zingy Parcel - The Triangle Pizza



Zingy Parcel Recipe - The assembling of Zingy Parcel


1) Once the dough is nice and fluffy, make sure to remove the air from it and divide it into small parts.


2) With a rolling pan, roll the dough into a circle and fold the sides to make a triangle. Stick the sides with water so that the shape isn't disturbed while baking.


3) Spread some Harissa Mayonnaise in the middle of triangle and add the paneer filling. 


4) Hold the three ends of triangle together and pinch them in the middle to make the shape of a Momo or Modak.


5) Apply oil to the surface and sprinkle some oregano.


6) Bake the zingy parcel at 250° Celsius for 15mins till it has turned nice crispy brown in colour.


7) Serve it with a side of ketchup or mayonnaise.


Zingy Parcel - The Triangle Pizza



This triangular shaped small pocket size zingy parcels are more attractive and delicious and it's easily folded which make easy to taste in a single bite...! 😋These Zingy parcels are spread over worldwide. So, you can also try it @ your home with your family. 


Hope you all enjoy the delicious Zingy parcels and let us know your view in comments section. 

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