Chhole bhature: Favlour from Panjab

Chhole bhature: Flavour from Panjab


नान, रोटि, कुलचा, पुरी... 

या खालों भठूरों के साथ,

जी हाँ! चना मसाला है हि एसा....

घोल देगा खाने में लज्जिझ स्वाद!

मुलायम रायता की जोड़ी चटपटे अचार के साथ,

कुरकुरे पापड, और कैसे भुले ठंडी लस्सी का ग्लास! 

चना मसाला में क्याँ ही जादू है जनाब?

बैठें बैठें घुमा ले आया हमें,अमृतसर पंजाब !!


Once you hear this name, one might start thinking that it might be a dish with full of spices and definitely not healthy one. Ya !! unfortunately that's true but this doesn't mean that you can't have it. You can definitely have it once in a week or occasionally as a special dish.

So 'CHANA' means Chichora and mostly popular name

as Chhole in PunjabiKadal in Tamil and MalayalamPatani in East India, etc....

In North India, it’s basically a street food. You can have Chhole in Wedding functions, Indian hotels and some seasonal occasion.


History & Background: -

The main roots of the dish are from north India but now-a-days, it is not limited till there. In India, almost all restaurants have it in their menu card.

In Pakistan, they used to cook it with potatoes and the same is being followed in Bangladesh but they called it as Choctpeti. There they used to have it as a snack.


Basically, Chana Masala is served with Puri, Kulcha, Paratha or with Tandoor (All of these are Indian Bread Varieties). Many peoples have it with rice or jeera rice. It is popular among all age group. The majority craze for this dish comes from North Delhi & Punjab region. The reason behind madness of chana masala is. firstly, it veg’s in nature & secondly its good source of protein which helps human body being warm.

Do You Know the reason behind feeding chana to horse? You might have got it!!



इसे देख कर दिल पिघल जाता है,

देखते हि देखते मुँह में पानी आता है.

कुछ नहीं होता खुद को रोकने से,

क्या ही कर लेगा सिर्फ देखणे से.

एक बार , खा के तो देख,

फिर खुद भी नहीं रोक पायेगा ये वादा है एक.




1. Soak the chana overnight before the preparation day.

2. Next day the moment before you start cooking, boil it in cooker till 2 whistles for making it soft.

Tips: In small cotton cloth, tie some tea powder, Crushed Cardamom (Elaichi), Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) & Clove (Laung) put it inside the cooker. (This enhances the taste & aroma)

3. Heat some edible oil in a pan & fry onion, chopped chilli & Ginger - Garlic Paste. Also, add tomato paste to add thickness of curry.

4. Add spices especially Chilly Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder & ready-made Chana Masala.

5. Stir them well then add boiled Chana in it.

6. Cook for a while & serve it with Chhole or any bread type you like the most.

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