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Vada Pav | Vada Pav Recipe


Of all Mumbai's street snacks, Vada Pav has grown to be the darling of the masses. It’s a pillowy pav, stuffed with a golden-fried spiced batata (Potato) vada, covered with a lick of tamarind and coriander chutneys and a sprinkling of garlic masala. The Vada Pav is starch heaven, an instant energy booster. Till date it remains a proud of Mumbai. 

We can also say that " Vada Pav - The Street food that defines Mumbai..."


"मुंबई की जान ....

गरीबो से लेके अमिरों तक

जिसकी सबसे है पेहचान"

"इसे खाये बिना ये दिल नाही मानता है,

यही है जिसे हर कोई जानता है "


Vada Pav | Vada Pav Recipe 

First interaction with Vada Pav: -


At a speed that is rarely expected from a street-side fast-food vendor, he dropped a batch of perfectly shaped spherical ‘batata vada’ into the hot cooking oil which had been sizzling for quite some time. Vada are potato patties made out of smashed potatoes mixed with masala. Then he picked up Vada in a square-shaped bread called ‘Pav’ and sliced it open with a finesse. Then slathered it with a green chutney & garlic chutney. He placed the Vada in between two layers of Pav. He wrapped it in a square paper cutout made with an old newspaper and handed it over to us along with 2 fried green chillies in exchange for 20 bucks. The moment I had first bite, its taste etched a gastronomical memory in my mind that I will never forget. It was, in simple words, just delicious and mind-blowing & all credit goes to the legend Ashok Vaidya. He started this in 1966 outside the Dadar Railway Station. 


Popularity with Vada Pav: -


As time passed, Vada Pav became more popular and different people tried it in different ways. Meanwhile, GOLI VADA PAV emerged as popular Vada Pav brand in India.

Vada Pav is not just a food, it is the love bite, it is the ownness in crowd and it is the dream. In 2004, Venkatesh Iyer dreamed for it & he started his first outlet in KALYAN. He named it as GOLI VADA PAV NO. 1. He started with more than 7 Flavors in his first outlet & soon enough GOLI VADA PAV setup over 150 outlets in 40 cities. Now, it has become the fourth biggest fast-food company in India.


Vada Pav | Vada Pav Recipe


Mumbai teaches us to live according to situation & to live with togetherness in royalty. Mumbai has its specialty in its every corner i.e., known as MUMBAI cha VADA PAV.    


      This city seeks the glow of richest billionaire to poorest slum people, friendship & love that shows ownness in the crowd. This gives the taste to the Mumbaikar's in Mumbai...our own Mumbai cha Vada Pav. I recommend all of you to try this delicious dish once.




1Initially begin with making of Garlic & Green Chillies Chutney.

2. Boil the peeled potatoes till they are not mushy, let them cool & post that crumble it.

3. Heat oil in Pan and add mustard seeds & Curry leaves.

4. Fry it tills it get crispy & add ginger-garlic paste followed by spices.

5. Mix them well then add potatoes & coriander leaves.

6. Turn off heat and mix well. Let it cool completely & make small balls.

7. Make thick batter of Besan by adding Salt, Turmeric, Chilly Powder in it.

8. Heat oil on medium flame & gently drop batter coated ball in it.

10. Fry it until it gets golden colour.

11. Drain the extra & serve it with pav.


Vada Pav | Vada Pav Recipe


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