Tea - Syrup of Love

Tea - Syrup of Love

Tea - Syrup of Love

होठों से बिलगती चाय , रूह को सुकून दे गई।

अपने ही इश्क़ में घुलकर, हमें भी डुबो गई।

हम तो चाहत में थे कि चाय मिल जाए,

मगर वो हैं के किसी की यादों से महका गई।

कम्बख़त है ही चीज जानलेवा,

देखो तुम्हारे हिस्से की भी पिला गई।

आप दो प्याली चाय के सपने संजोते रहे,

ये तो संग हमारे घूंट घूंट में रंग जमा गई।

अरे अरे, किस नशे में गुम हो गए जनाब,

आंखें खोलो जरा

आपको ही मोहब्बत से मिलाकर

अपना गुलाम कर गई।

Who needs a Guy when there is a Chai

Chai is that healthy drug whose addiction you will never want to leave. Chai is love of every individual of India who undergoes a hectic life. 

For someone it is a refresher, 

for someone it is an energy booster, 

for someone it is an idea creator, 

for someone it is a source of happiness, 

& for someone it is a source of income. 

Its craze among people is unbelievable. There are many stories where you will hear that the man left his job and started business of Chai. Even current Prime Minister of India Hon. Narendra Modi was also once a Chai-Wala. Being a Chai-Wala (Tea Maker, or Cafe Owner) is not shameful or defamed thing. It has its own value, its own craze and importance. 

Meaning of Chai is different for different people.

  •         For Student - Chai is refreshment from boredom of lectures / training session.
  •         For Job Worker - Chai is way of relaxing his whole day's tiredness (or we can say hectic day).
  •         For Entrepreneurs - Chai is a way of creative thinking, it helps them to brainstorm with friends having sip of tea and evolving new ideas.
  •         For a Housewife - Chai is a way of sharing her love with her husband.

Chai is that simple thing which made fame for many people. It's the beverage that can be taken anytime throughout the day in any season. 

There are “n" numbers of varieties of tea.

Masala Tea

Green Tea

Black Tea 

Ice Tea

Lemon Tea

Cardamom Tea

Ginger Tea

Herbal Tea, etc..... 

One of the most loved and my favourite type is Tandoori Chai. Basically, for making it, chai is half brewed then it is poured in Kulhad (Earthen Bowl) then that it is fully brewed along with that Kulhad. It is allowed to froth again and again. It gives it a natural aroma and real essence. Actually, it was innovative idea introduced by resident of Pune, Mr. Amol Rajdeo. Its craze spread like forest-fire in all over India. Every youngster loved this concept so much that every cafe owner was forced to add one more item in their menu & that was Tandoori Chai.

Tea isn't just a sweet drink it's the rhythm of life who's a tea lover! it also has benefit to our health and skin...Many of startups have been initiated regarding tea selling! Like... Chaayos, MBA ChaiwalaYewle chai, Chai Point, Chai Thela, etc.

  Tea - Syrup of Love

There are much more things to talk about tea and stories related to it are unlimited. Even still now if you haven’t tasted Chai (Tea), I highly recommend you to beware of it because if you taste it then you will definitely fall in love with it. In the end I would just like to add one line for haters of tea.

चाय ना पसंद करने वालों तुम्हारी ख़ता ही नहीं,

चाय में क्या सुकून हैं तुम्हें पता ही नहीं

Tip: - If you want understand the real meaning of this line then just go and take a sip of tea. You will get all the answers of your questions. Bro, it is a life hack 🤫🤫... Confidential and one of the secrets to Success.

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