Hello guys We are back with another interesting food blog which will take you on a food safari all around the world in search of mouthwatering, delicious, yum-tum, finger licking Dumplings!! 


Do you like Momos? Oh Of Course you do! 

Did you know our mouthwatering local Momos are exotic dumplings? 


No matter where you are from you probably grew up eating dumplings, in one form or another! You might steam them, boil them, fry them or bake them and hey, let's not forget the endless options of fillings! This definitely makes us curious to know about what types of Dumplings are found beyond the borders of India. Let me take you on a food safari to various countries famous for specific Dumplings! 

Are you ready? Let's go!





Some of the earliest evidence of the dumpling’s dates back to over 1000 years ago in Chinese cuisine and while countless varieties exist in the country and we'll only talking about one, Xiao long boa. The ever-popular steamed soup dumpling consists of a delicate wrapper filled with broth and minced pork, crab or shrimp. Its typically served in bamboo basket. According to a legend, the first Xiao bao was created by Huang Mingxian, a food vendor who wanted to update the classical dumpling and stand out amid his competitors.  




The dumplings are folded to look like an ear of wheat. Hailing from the province of Ogliastra, they are typically filled with potatoes, pecorino cheese, lard, onion, garlic and mint but can also be filled with ricotta spinach or chard and saffron. They are often served with a drizzle of tomato sauce and topped with pecorino.





This breakfast dumpling is most popular in northern Vietnam and is made of thick rice flour and broth paste filled with ground pork shallots, wood ear mushrooms and seasonings. The dough and filling are then stuffed into a banana leaf formed into a pyramid and steamed. You can find it at many street vendors in Vietnam.





These Nepali Momos are usually filled with meat, vegetables and/or cheese and served with a tomato - based dipping sauce. Some Nepali vendors in Kathmandu have even filled Momos with Snickers and Mars Bars to accommodate tourists.





Coxinhas which translates to "little thighs" are popular Brazilian street food made of a thick dough that is filled with seasoned shredded chicken and then shaped to look like a chicken leg. Its then breaded deep fried, and drenched in hot sauce.





One of the national dishes of Taiwan, ba-Wan is among the country's most prevalent street foods. This iconic dumpling consists of rice flour and potato starch wrapper. Filled with pork, bamboo and mushrooms. It can be steamed or fried and is typically served with a sweet and spicy sauce or rice broth.





These breaded, deep-fried dumplings are also known as shrimp pockets or shrimp turnovers and they consist of a Flour- based, buttery dough filled with a creamy mixture of shrimp, onion and parsley. They're perfect as snacks or appetizers! 





This dumpling's defining filling is kimchi but it can also include tofu shrimp, pork, cabbage bean sprouts, onions, scallions and mushrooms. Mandu can be steamed deep fried pan fried or boiled are usually served in soup or alone in a dipping sauce. Korean dumplings were traditionally prepared for ancestral rights and enjoyed most on cold winter days.





Pinsec frito is a deep-fried dumpling and is usually served with dipping sauces such as sweet and sour spiced vinegar, banana ketchup or mang Tomas or a Filipino sauce. It makes a great appetizer.





These Japanese dumplings that is especially popular in Nagano, consist of fermented buckwheat dough filled with various vegetables, seafood, or a Korean bean paste. Its then cooked on an iron pan. Traditionally gyoza was eaten by farmers during lunch breaks and made inside an irori a traditional fireplace at a farmhouse. 





Though derived from France, croquetas de Jamon have become an essential dish in Spanish tapas. Featuring one of Spanish's most iconic foods Serrano ham. Formed from a mixture of potato eggs, bechamel sauce and ham. They're then breaded and fried. 





A small Siberian dumpling widely consumed across Russia. Pelmeni is considered one of Russia's national dishes. It consists of a thin wrapper that can be stuffed with anything from ground meat or fish to mushrooms, onions or cabbage. They range from mild to very spicy with fillings varying between regions and family recipes. 


As you can see the diversity of dumplings is apparent in cultures all around the globe! I personally think dumplings are amazing, because everyone loves it. If you say dumplings everyone’s faces will lights up! I do love those soft evenings by the busy street standing against a local Momo vendor and gupping those bite-sized, hot, poppable Momos with loads of savory chutney balanced with subtle mayonnaise. And I would love to try variety of Momos all around the world. 

Here’s a joke... 

Why couldn’t the Momo run? It had a chut-knee injury... Haha! 

So dear folks! Which dumplings are your favourite?

Which country would you like to visit to try dumplings!?  

And do let us know how much you love our local, street dumplings - Momos! 

Lots of love!

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