Delicious Aloo Paratha: King of Paratha's

Delicious Aloo Paratha: King of Paratha's


Aloo Parantha


You can't make everyone Happy, You're not Aloo Paratha


One of the sarcastic joke which was trending on Twitter few months back. Aloo Paratha is basically potato stuffed flatbread which is famous as breakfast in Indian subcontinent. For making a tasty Aloo Paratha, its paste (that stuffing) is the key which never gets appreciation but always does its job. It tastes best with curd, which gives it a combine taste of sour & sweet.


Punjabiyodi battery charge Rehendiye 24 ghante


Hope everyone might have heard this quote. The reason behind this is the type of the food, they used to eat. Generally, their diet consists of highly rich nutritional food. Eating Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) on every dish along with glass full of Lassi is something like the starter pack for Punjabis. They used to eat numerous varieties of food. But, Aloo-da-Paratha have separate fan-base among them. It is healthy as well as delicious. 

Aloo Parantha

Talking about the weird facts about Aloo Paratha is that there are many places in India where food vendors organize "Paratha eating challenge in 50 mins" where it weighs almost 5 kg. At such places they serve 18-inch paratha, which has an approximately diameter of 1 ft 6 inches. This is almost 2 inches bigger than party size pizza.


How to prepare Aloo Paratha: -

             2 cup wheat flour

             5-6 potatoes

             1-2 green chilies

             cumin seeds

             red chili powder

             garam masala


             Fresh coriander leaves

             Ghee or oil for frying


Prepare the Dough: For dough preparation will use whole wheat flour and mix it with water. After will keep the dough for 15-20 mins.


Potato Filling: Take boil potatoes and smashed it fine. Add the fine chopped green chilies, crushed cumin seeds, red chili powder, garam masala, salt as per taste and coriander leaves. Make sure to mix it properly for better taste with each bite.


Final cooking of paratha’s: Start making paratha’s one by one and serve with the curd and the desi ghee

For me, the first thought on this Sunday morning would be Aloo Paratha and Chai 🤤, what's your thought!!!

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