PaniPuri - The water balls

PaniPuri - The water balls

Bhaiya aur tikha do na

Did you ever heard this? Where? ...Yeah you are right. You might heard this while passing nearby a every streetfood corner . Yep...Today we are talking about the crispy puffed balls filled with tangy water, the most loveable street food 'Pani-Puri'(water balls). The dish which is combination of spicy, tangy and sweet taste.

Every Indian might have tasted it atleast once in life. So, it's basically the small size rava-atta dough chapati which is deep fried in oil.
For tangy water, mint, black salt, tamarind and some of the spices are used.
For sweet water, tamarind is used along with the jaggery, also one might add edible food colour as colouring agent.

Everyone knows ways of eating it, simply make hole at the center of ball, add mashed potatoes stuffing in it and as per your choice of taste, add tangy or sweet water. One can add chopped onions with bhujia as complimentary agent. Girls mostly prefer spicy 🥵 panipuri. But, many of them also loves combine taste of sweet and spicy.

There are numerous families whose daily needs are fulfilled by selling these Panipuri or other street foods. For many of them, it is the only source for their bread and butter. Its my personal recommendation please, whenever you feel hungry and want a break for snacks please go for Street food. You will get both satisfaction to your hunger and indirect support to seller for his day-to-day expenditures. One might not get that satisfaction after at 5 star hotels but will definitely get it at street vendors.

PaniPuri - The water balls

Pani Puri wala must have seen more happy faces than a psychiatrist. One might not know the stress until he/she have a Panipuri in mouth, one Panipuri in hand, a Panipuri in bowl and the Panipuri wala is standing with infront of them with another Panipuri.

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