Modak - Chaturthi Special

You like momos...
I like Modaks 
We aren't same bro......

Modak - Chaturthi Special

The dish we prepare once in a year. Mainly its roots were founded from Maharashtra, its the dish which is nearest to the heart of every Marathi people. It's craze isn't limited upto there, the only thing is its name & preparation method changes accordingly through the different states. It's sweetness & taste made even Gods to fall for it. We Indians belongs to such a heritage where the different cultures and their different ways are available for celebrating festival but the feeling remains constant.

Change in region brings change in names too.
In Marathi & Hindi - Modak
In Tamil - Kozhukattai
In Telugu - Kudumu
In Kannada - Kadubu

Initially, we will discuss about preparation.
We can prepare this dish in two ways.
1. Deep fry ( Fried Modak)
2. Steamed Modak (similar to momos, in modern term we can called it sweet momos)

Modak - Chaturthi Special

1. Prepare fine kneaded dough of wheat & maida (if needed), once done make small chapatis.
2. One can use varities of stuffing like Puran, Shredded Coconut, Banana, etc. There are many types of stuffing available. Even one can make chocolate modaks also.

As compared to Ukadiche Modak ( Steamed one), the fried Modaks have more demand during Lord Ganesh Chaturthi festival. In our old mythology, purans & granthas where it is mentioned that Lord Ganesha loves Modak. Goddess Mata Parvati used to make it for him. These Modak would fulfill his apetite during his hunger. Also Mushaka ( his companion) used to take it for his Lord Ganesh and eat for his apetite too. This gives us idea that even God can't stop him to eat these delicious modak .
One can enjoy this taste only on Ganesh Chaturthi festival. If you miss modak then you miss the delicious taste with your tongue. 
So, if you really wanna have this modak then have a plan during Ganesh festival in Maharastra. 

Hope you have enjoy this blog and thinking about modak. So go get up and have a taste of it.. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜… 

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