Sabudana Khichadi - The Navratri Special fast food

Navratri Special - Sabudana Khichadi

The dish about which we are talking is quite different & occasional dish. Since childhood, many of us might have some questions that why people are doing fast? And if we call it as fast then why people used to eat fast-dish like sabudana, potato chips even though the main (scientific) aim of fast is to give rest to the stomach. Let it be, this is the thing like "Jaisi Jiski Soch".

Sabudana Khichadi is the most preferred dish for fast in India, it might be prepared during various occasions but it's popular for Navratri & Shivaratri.
During my childhood, I used to do fast just to eat sabudana khichdi & those potato chips. But, mom would get that allows me to eat that food without doing fast. I knew that many of us did the same during our childhood.

Navratri Special - Sabudana Khichadi

Sabudana is the dish which is very easy to make and good in taste too.
You will just need raw sabudana and some peanuts for making it healthy. It is pure carbohydrates and contains very less protein & vitamin, for adding so peanuts are added in it.
It tastes well with curd & sugar or the masala buttermilk ( which is mine favourite too).

Preparation Procedure :-
1. Initially, take the raw sabudana & soak it in water for 4-5 hours. In Maharashtra (especially in Vidarbha region), it is soaked in buttermilk which gives it that tangy taste.

2. Pour 3-4 spoons oil in pan & fry cumin seed (Jeera), Curry leaves,green chillies & fine chopped slices of potatoes in it.

3. Once done, add soaked sabudana in it. Add crushed peanut into and mix it well. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes and garnish it with coriander while serving.

Tip :- One can make sabudana Vada from this khichdi too. These are also popular street foods which are served with Buttermilk.

Navratri Special - Sabudana Khichadi

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