Basundi - Indian dessert

Basundi - Indian dessert


It's just sugary milky soup

Sometimes, we have to add some good taste in life and this sugary milk soup which we called basundi in India would ease you a enjoyable life with a good sweet taste. Although, now all of you are attracted with this delicious basundi and processing (thinking) the thoughts of eating.

Basundi is the popular dish in Maharashtra & Rajasthan. Basundi is the easiest but time taking sweet dish. Basundi is the perfect example of famous Hindi proverb 

 Basundi - Competitor of Milkshake

सब्र का फल मीठा होता हैं


Basundi is the key protocol of Kojagiri Poornima (full moon night just after Navratri). On this occasion, people gather in group & makes this super dessert Basundi. It's the Indian mythology that says on the occasion of Kojagiri Poornima, Basundi to be made outside house under the full moon light. Don't know what's the scientific reason behind it but still followed by hundreds of years.


Preparation –


Preparation of the same is time consuming but too easy as well.


1. Pour milk in big pan (2 litres milk for 4 people).

2. Turn ON the gas, put it on low flame & keep stirring milk.

3. Once it gets thicker, add sugar & dry fruits and stir for 2-3 minutes.

4. Then let it cool for a while.


Basundi can be served as whole simply with a spoon. Also, one can enjoy it with tasty puri (best combo ever)


Tip: - If you love solid sweets then no issue you can boil it till it gets brownish dry barfi. (that's the sweet which we used to buy in Sweet's Shop)


Hope you would also have enjoyed the taste of this sugary milky soup on Koja-Giri Poornima. Do let me know, what "Basundi" is called as in your mother tongue, write it down in comment section.

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