Momos : Small Size Chinese Bomb

Momos: Small Size Chinese Bomb


D' se Delhi... Delhi ke Momos 

If you are real foodie then you will get to understand my next point, have you ever heard the word Gujiya which is Karanji in Marathi. Yes .... now if you’re laughing after reading this definitely you would have understood. The dish which I'm talking about is similar to this Gujiya. The Momos... we can call it Chinese Gujiya (just kidding πŸ˜‚)


Many of the Indians have craze of steamed momos with mayonnaise and red spicy chatani. Everyone thinks that it's a Chinese dish. But the roots of this dish are found in our beloved neighbour Nepal. The Momos come from the word "mome" which means Mini Size Bombs.


Its preparation is too simple & quick

1) Just make small size of chapattis & fill it with stuffing as per your choice.

2) Join its edges by applying water & put it for steaming. 

3) Once cooked well, serve it with mayonnaise or garlic chutney.


If you are the one who loves crunchiness in your food then,


1) Make batter of Cornstarch and dip the steamed momos in it.

2) Then do coating of breadcrumb or any other crunchies

3) Finally, then go deep fry.


Make your mood happy & just hear the osm beats

With the osm beat, my heart says have some momo & repeat....


In Delhi & North India, Momos are very famous, you will find it on every street. The best part of this dish is the Chatani which we are using as side dish. It completes the other 50% contribution taste of Momos.


The types of Momos & their name change just along the change in stuffing material.


1. Veg Momos

2. Non-veg Momos

3. Cheese Momos

4. Sweet corn Momos

5. Paneer Momos 

6. Fried Momos, etc...


D' se Delhi... Delhi ke Momos


Even now-a-days, I saw people eating Momo burger, Momocurry & what not. Food is being reinvented by the eater & the foodie inside him.


Few of the famous brands in India for Momos are: -


1) WOW Momos

2) Momoon truck

3) 6 Pack Momo, etc...


Do you like them or a Modak lover 😁😁. Do let me know your favourite street food in comments section.

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