Gulab Jamun: A Delectable Journey

Gulab Jamun: A Delectable Journey


Gulab Jamun


Everyone might be aware of this paradox that the Gulab (Rose) and Jamun (Black fruit) are very odd couple whereas the most lovable dessert is Gulab Jamun. Gulab Jamun are the simple milk solids which are deep fried then soaked in sugar syrup. It is the popular sweet dish of Indian Subcontinent & as well as middle East (Caribbeans countries). In the Indian Society, whenever guests visit our home, Gulab Jamun used to be the first dessert which comes in our mind & mom would ask us to go & buy its readymade packet.


It is quite similar to Rasgullas, both are soaked in sugar syrup but the only difference is that Gulab Jamun are deep fried milk solids dipped in syrup whereas Rasgullas are cottage cheese dipped in sugar syrup.


Fun Facts: -

1. Gulab Jamun were originated in Medieval Iran (these aren't of Indian origin)

2. Some of the stories claims that it was accidentally prepared by Mughal Emperor's chef.

3. World Gulab Jamun Day is celebrated on 10th October every year.

4. Pantua is the Bengali variant of Gulab Jamun (made of chickpea flour)

5. In Rajasthan, Gulab Jamun are cooked in gravy made from spices, nuts and tomato to make popular Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi.


Gulab Jamun can be made of khova (milk solid) or the packaged product (made of milk powder), but home-made khova gulab jamun tastes better than packaged products. It can be garnished with saffron or shredded coconut also.


Gulab Jamun are the floating balls in the sugary syrup

& for some people gulab jamun might be nickname for their loved ones.

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  1. Kala Jamun is My favourite...😍😍

  2. "गुलाब जामुन" की चासनी आप पर बरसे,
    आपकी चाहतो को "गाजार का हलवा" भी तरसे।
    आपके जिदंगी मे आए इतनी "रसमलाई"
    कि आप नमकीन खाने को भी तरसे।