Dahi Kebab

Dahi Kebab 

"If you didn't had Kebab,
Then what are you waiting for Janab."

Dahi Kebab

Well Kebab is the turkey based food & it was firstly introduced in bleak age. It was the  when there were no such recipies or methods available for cooking, so they simply used to grill the hunted animals in open fire with the help of stick. Later on decades by decades, this process got evolved and now we have the thousands of varities in Kebab across the world.

Many of us thinks that as it is Urdu word, so it's likely to be famous in Arabic countries only but that's where statistics comes in. According to stats, about 32.15 % of kebab lovers doesn't belong to Islamic countries.  Now everyone loves to have such foods in their snacks with tea.

Types of Kebab :-

• Veg Kebab

1. Paneer Kebab
2. Mix Kebab
3. Crispy Potato Kebab 
4. Peens Kebab

But, the most popular are the non-vegan kebab since it's origin.

Non-Veg Kebab
1. Chicken Kebab
2. Mutton Kebab     
3. Prawns Kebab

Nutritional Facts :-

Dahi Kebab is made of Hung Curd (Water drained curd). It contains 57 calories, 9.25g of protein & 3.95g of carbohydrates per 100g serving. Also, it is very good for digestion, immunity & for weight loss. You would be surprised to know that it is excellent source of calcium & contains 106mg per serving 100g serving.

Preparation :

Dahi Kebab     


Dahi Kebab

  1. Before night of preparation, hang curd in the cotton cloth to make it drain & thus forming Hung Curd ( same process is used while making Shrikhand)
  2. In the morning, takeout prepared hung curd & add half cup of gram flour (Besan)
  3. Further, mix cumin seeds, fine chopped onions, tomato, coriander leaves & green chillies as per taste.
  4. Don't forget to add spices ( turmeric powder, chilli powder & salt) in it.
  5. Mix them well & prepare dough. Now, make flat-shaped like patties (Kebab)
  6. Fry it well from both sides for crispy tatse outside & smoothness inside.
Tips: Prefer to use fresh curd as it's less sour in taste. 

Dahi Kebab

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