Sheer Khurma simple recipe

Eid special Dessert "Sheer Khurma"



I think Semaya (vermicelli) is familiar with everyone belongs from pasta family. like Semaya in every house regular it becomes sheer Khurma during Eid. But yes, it is main traditional food for Muslim religion. There is not much different in both dishes except than the love of Eid and Roza they will add inside. We can find this dish in IndianPakistanAfghanistan and the Central Asia's plates.


"Divided by religion, but United by food"


Semaya (vermicelli) & dates will make knot together under the milk and makes our heart healthier. Because it contains rich fiber's and nutrients which is beneficial for hearts life. Adding saffron will gives extra boost of overall coming in healthy food category.


Long time ago I had sheer khurma on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad festive. During college days my friends usually invite for a meal and delicious dessert sheer Khurma. There was fruits basket and the special white dessert in copper Bowl which shines in light. Yes, it was sheer Khurma.




1.Semaya (Vermicelli)


3.Milk (cream)



6.Dry fruits (cashew, Chironji, almonds, raisins, Pista)

7.Rose petals (for look)





1. In a fresh pan add ghee if loves add extra. Once gets hot add Semaya and roast well till light golden-brown colour.

2. Take out roast Semaya in separate bowl. Next add milk and saffron in pan and stairs continue till the structure of milk not get thicker.

3. Deep fully roasted Semaya and sugar. Now wait for single boil.

4. Next chopped dates and dry fruits add in.

5. Surve in bowl and garnish with some Patel's of rose and chopped Pista which looks pretty.

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