Dal bati

Judun yete reshimgathi, I am your Dal, be my bati  πŸ˜…
 India has an ancient history. Earlier it was ruled by many kings. Hence it was divided into different kingdoms. Each kingdom has their own different culture which has been followed till now in today's Indian states. One such state which has it's strong historical roots is Rajasthan. As we think about Rajasthan, the first thought comes in our mind is shining golden desert, colourful dresses, Dal Bati Churma and many more. 
Dal Bati Churma was founded at the time of Bappa Rawal and was known as war food because it was discovered by Mewad soldiers during war time to save time required to cook chapatis. The dish name itself described everything. Fully deep batis inside the desi ghee( Clarified Butter) and the simple tadka dal makes a mind-blowing combination.

Normally, if you visit casual hotels they used to serve it in regular dish, but if you ever visit Marwadi hotel, the way they serve would have difference. In such hotels, Batis are  kept in mud pot & the pot would be half filled with desi ghee Along with this, side dishes like Gatte ki Kadhi is served with papadas and dessert.

War Food - Dal Bati Churma

Batis are heavy to digest but if taken with extra dal & ghee then it will enhance taste and ease in digestion.

One weird fact you might like to know about formation of Batis by Tribal of Rajasthan. These nomadic tribal people used to keep doughs of wheat under sand before leaving for their work. Till they return, doughs would get baked due to heat of sun over sand. For them, Bati is their prime resource of food even it is easy in preparation & healthy for health.
So when are you planning to eat Dal Bati, aren't your mouth watering πŸ˜… ??

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