Pav Bhaji: Recipe, Tips, and More

Pav Bhaji: Recipe, Tips, and More

Pav Bhaji - Mumbai ki Jaan 


Mumbai formerly known as Bombay, a city which holds place in hearts of all classes of people, whether it is upper-, middle- or lower-class men, everyone would have hope from this city. Hence it is also called as dream city. 

The mouthwatering dish which is spongy pav with bhaji made using various type of vegetables. Yes, right it's Pav Bhaji the famous dish Indian street food originated from Maharashtra. Pav Bhaji is inspired from Vada Pav which is the breakfast of running Mumbai's life.


In 1860s, it was the time when the textile mill's worker in Mumbai were being exploited. They used to have irregular midnight working hours and would come back late in midnight. Many of them were alone in their house, so it was difficult for them to have midnight meal.

Looking over this problem, nearby food vendors started mashing leftover vegetables and served it with Pav to these mill workers. It was cheap and easy to make food. From this street food status to restaurants foods, Pav Bhaji gets the fame and love from everyone. Nobody knows whether this story is real or just a rumor but it is popular among Maharashtrian regarding origin of Pav Bhaji.


Pav Bhaji - Mumbai ki Jaan


Life tastes like Pav Bhaji,

Whatever goes in it,

It will be mashed,

And turns into very tasty and Spicy!!


Basically, Pav Bhaji is all time meal. It can be taken as breakfast, lunch or as dinner. Though it can be made in house but the taste of street side Pav Bhaji is fabulous. Many Bollywood stars, cricketers and other celebrities loves the Pav Bhaji from Sukh Sagar (Ocean of Happiness), one of the famous street food vendors of Mumbai.

Similar to this, Mr. Gupta, Indian food vendor in US, has made craze of Pav Bhaji in New York's streets. He made subtle modification in its recipe to ensure it is accepted by Americans also. His motto is to make Pav Bhaji as famous as McDonald's burger. Honestly, Indian mindset and determination to their work or passion is unbeatable.

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